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Your Path Off Legacy Mountain | Curated, 3 Tracks

In an era where the emerging & legacy tech can be gut-wrenching, leaders are struggling,*you* see greatness for your company, your division, your team, yourself. How can an individual start to drive change in the midst of this muck?

I am a bit hard on leaders, I confess. But I’m torn between“I get it – this stuff is hard!” and “yes but there are already great stories and models of transformation advice in the market yet companies are still slow to pick up. And the entire enterprise is mired in muck.”

What’s the hold-up? The material barriers between Here and There. Mostly human and mostly legacy.

There’s not a functional area that isn’t drowning in legacy. Legacy tech, sure. But as well: legacy processes, mindsets, structures, culture.

We know our current state. And many of us have some idea of the ideal state. Yet Legacy Mountain stands in the way.

Hike Off Legacy Mountain

The way forward is to chip away, at every level, on the key blockers so we get off Legacy Mountain and get on hustling on behalf of our customers.

It’s a great opportunity for anyone anywhere to lead, regardless of where you sit in an organization. Plenty of proof that change can happen throughout an organization and we know from John Hagel that small teams working together can make great progress. Community Management is another practice that has quantifiably demonstrated the impact power of humans, especially outside legacy structures.

If you’re in Product, Marketing, Sales, or Success and it appeals to you to drive change in your organization, we have 3 tracks off Legacy Mountain, curated to where you are in your journey:

  • If you’re at the Listening/Considering Stage, follow along on LinkedIn, twitter, or youtube. We’ll be spotlighting powerful, but easy to consume, resources; Stories from folks who have been there, done that.
  • Perhaps you want to Explore a little more deeply, then follow the B2B Unleashed blog.
  • And if you’re ready to Act (gawdluvya), subscribe to a biweekly shot of inspiration and resources straight to your inbox.

Yes, there are wide swaths of Legacy Mountain where your team will need consultants and partners for a variety of specialized projects. Still, there is much to be done that can be accomplished internally. And we will actively support you with resources for you to start to destructure your own Legacy Mountain and inspire colleagues to join your mission.

If you’re drowning in Legacy, you can’t transform, you can’t compete. Absent Exec leadership, the forcefield up against socio-technical transformation is powerful and unyielding. But you have what it takes to start to drive new energy in to your organization. We’re here to help.

There is no one path off Legacy Mountain; let’s find the best one for you.

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