THE B2B Obstacle to Real-Time Insights

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So much data. Too few insights.

Harnessing insights real time is still far too difficult in B2B. And honestly we’ve made it much harder than it needs to be. Here’s a quick overview of THE B2B obstacle to real-time insights:


With an internal shortage of data admins, we are spending too much time cobbling data together ourselves, unsure of its trustworthiness.

  • Our digital infrastructure is a nightmare to navigate, an obstacle to insights
  • We have too much data 
  • Transformations are sluggish

Stop bleeding productivity. Start harnessing insights.

Even with our siloed, tangled infrastructure, it is possible to get to real-time, trustworthy corroborated insights. It’s all about structuring data together with colleagues in other functional areas. When Product, Marketing, Sales, & Success put their heads together upstream, data cobbling starts its long-awaited exit.

If you need help, start with Maureen:

If you’d like a little more background first on how we got here, what its costing us and the path out, here’s the book for you:

Click to read Moats and Drawbridges

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