Serendipitus is a data-driven, human-centered solution to the challenges of unsiloing data and improving organizational performance

A small data solution with a huge impact

Even with great and new data technology solutions out there, B2B organizations are drowning in data and unable to unlock its true value. The time and effort spent data wrangling doesn’t justify the limited value you are getting back from your data.

By fusing human and data intelligence, Serendipitus provides the necessary visibility into other functional areas’ data to construct a comprehensive picture of B2B organizations, using a near-real-time dashboard that is led by humans and powered by data.

Forward looking data insights

Initially, we will work with you to craft your small data set, feeding it into the central Serendipitus dashboard to create a powerful (near) real time view of your organization.

However, our aim is to help organizations restructure their data architecture so these valuable insights are garnered proactively, without you having to think about what data you need and why you need it.

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Meet the Founder

Maureen Blandford

Managing Director

Maureen has been obsessed with making B2B a rational place for more decades than she’d like to admit. A B2B agency owner in the US prior to heading to the client side (and Europe) to lead marketing for tech companies on both sides of the Atlantic, Maureen is a tireless advocate for rooting out the nonsense.

A career of supporting SMBs to F100s, both sales and marketing organizations, based in the US and Europe, provides a front row seat to B2B’s greatest weaknesses and opportunities.

She has devoted more than 20 years to closing the gaps between sales and marketing and is now focused on Product, Marketing, Sales, and Success.


Serendipitus unleashes B2B customer and market insights hidden away in departmental silos, giving company leaders a richer, more actionable, trustworthy overview of their business and opportunities.