The Great Unsiloing

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Sheesh, commercial insights are harrrrd to capture.

B2B organizations worldwide are drowning in a hurricane of sub-optimal data, making fast-paced, trustworthy decisions quite difficult. This has both troubled and energized me for several years.  

Last year I launched B2B Unleashed, a consultancy to address the issue of B2B’s siloed, legacy infrastructure, its drag on business, and the path forward. I wrote the first (and only, to date) book on the subject: Moats & Drawbridges | The Current State of B2B Cross-functional Insight Sharing.

And then I set out to find the best tech to support the model: unsilo the tech and the humans to uncover optimal, real-time market insights within an organization 

Spoiler: I found no technical solutions to solve for this. There are plenty of tech options to clean and structure data, but they don’t solve for the human side of the equation. And there are numerous human solutions, teaching/coaching/mentoring people to collaborate better with each other but no tech component to codify this good work and beautifully integrate into enterprise systems.  

If you’ve ever been in the middle of transformation work, you’ll know that you can’t unsilo the tech without unsiloing the humans.  

If we don’t figure that out, we miss wide swaths of insights and business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Muddle

Our current path to Business Intelligence in B2B isn’t great. FiveTran and Mulesoft have both been doing great work documenting what the challenges are costing us:

“Companies are paying huge sums only to achieve bad outcomes. For all the time and money spent on data pipelines, data is still not fresh, leading to old and error-prone information that is costing companies money. 

FiveTran: The State of Data Management

“Data silos are a persistent brake on innovation, causing significant business problems for most enterprises. Without improvement, organizations will struggle.”

    • Data silos cause pain across the business
    • Integration challenges could cost organizations millions
    • Organizations find it harder to integrate user experiences

Mulesoft: 2022 Connectivity Benchmark Report 

As FiveTran reports, cobbling is costly: 

 On average, 12 data engineers multiplied by $98,400 salary multiplied by 44% of time spend manually building and maintaining data pipelines equals $519,552 per year

In most organizations, those with and without handy data engineers, everyone is cobbling. And that gets even more costly on two fronts. I used FiveTran’s model above to spitball a hard dollar estimate of expensive senior leaders cobbling:

Content 1

But more importantly and really hard to quantify, what are these expensive people not doing while they’re buried in data cobbling? Maddening.  

Enter Serendipitus, the Socio-technical Solution for Real-time Growth Insights 

Here’s what we know: 

  • B2Bs have too much unusable market data and are desperate for real-time insights 
  • Company departments often can’t share data – it’s siloed in separate tech stacks
  • Leaders miss out on company-wide insights, holding back business growth 

Serendipitus delivers real-time growth and sales insights, exposing the insights and data hidden across an organisation, helping teams work together to:  

  • spot market trends early  
  • validate them 
  • act on those data insights  

in weeks rather than months or years. 

The solution brings together largely unstructured data from across an organisation in a uniquely useful way, combining tech with human expertise. 

  • Teams decide their shared business priority 
  • Each team connects their own data sources to the Serendipitus Unleashed Engine, giving everyone a shared, real-time view 
  • The organisation can now make better-informed decisions 
  • Serendipitus will integrate with CRM systems to to make the surfaced data even more useful 

Outcomes: Better, faster, more confident decision-making, with fewer missed opportunities. 

  • Insights that drive sales and growth improvements in weeks rather than over months or years.  
  • A faster, data-driven trustworthy view of business challenges and opportunities, powering truly collaborative strategic planning. 

Imagine having live, cross-functional insights on a variety of strategic questions, all in one place. Here’s how Serendipitus envisions just one view of a modern dashboard.  

MicrosoftTeams image 1

What do you think?

If you’d like to understand what this would mean in your organization, drop us a line at 

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