Do We Need Another Transformation Consultancy?

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The world is drowning in Legacy.

Legacy tech, structures, processes, mindsets. And even with the pricey behemoth and boutique agencies, we aren’t awash in successes, are we? And there are more than a few organizations actively hiding their ongoing transformation failures.

If a B2C company misses a few sales on chocolates or face creams, nbd. If a B2B loses a complex sale or a customer, that’s devastating.

And what does it cost B2B organizations, in particular, when transformation is stalled? In terms of Net New and Retention? Time to market? What about tech and productivity debt? Not only are orgs bleeding resource tying up expensive humans in cobbling together “data”  – but what strategic work *isn’t* accomplished while they navigate corroded infrastructure that hasn’t been prioritized?

This ^ keeps me up at night. Especially the strategic work that isn’t happening while expensive people spend too much time cobbling.

Why Maureen? Why Now?

Inside View + A M A Z I N G Network

Inside View: 8 years, 4 countries, 4 companies. While evangelizing the obstacles, the costs, and all the reasons to tackle Legacy Mountain, as head of marketing, I’ve had premier seats to these obstacles internally at a variety of companies. I’ve seen the results up close and personal both with brilliant, ego-free leaders and sub-optimal leaders. I’ve personally been up against the force-fields with colleagues. As my colleagues can attest, I’ve been a force-field myself and (hopefully) learned from it.

There is a special sauce that comes with being both on the inside at a variety of organizations while crowdsourcing and collaborating with the global transformation ecosystem.

A M A Z I N G Network: After assessing any organizations’ challenges, I can assemble the right superhero team at a moment’s notice. Kinda my own personal socio-technical transformation Justice League. These folks have more depth and breadth on what has/hasn’t worked in transformation anywhere on the planet.

Solutions to date haven’t accomplished much largely because, whether internal teams or external consultancies or a mix of the two, few are addressing the material socio-technical blocks to transformation. The market has plenty of great models for Desired State and few solutions on how to de-structure the obstacles.

This has been my side hustle for too long. With B2BUnleashed, I’m taking the plunge to see how many organizations I can help start moving off Legacy Mountain to the future health they deserve.

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