B2B organizations worldwide are drowning in a hurricane of sub-optimal data. Siloed, legacy systems are costly on multiple levels.

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Serendipitus unsiloes the humans and the tech

Near real-time insights give B2B leaders an actionable, credible summary of their company and unique opportunities to make fast decisions regarding acquisition, retention, customer experience, productivity, profitability, and more.

Human-led, data-powered insight for B2B leaders in Product, Marketing, Sales, & Success. 

Human and data insights in near real-time

A dashboard showcasing the meaning behind the data, helping you create an unstoppable customer-focused (work)force delivering exceptional customer experiences.


Overcome weak points to gain a competitive edge

Great data isn’t enough for success. We’ll help you find the next level insights behind your weak spots quickly, giving you a competitive edge.


Unlock your organization's full potential

Powerful human and technology insights are combined in a centralized human and technology solution.


Cut back the rising costs of data wrangling

Leaders and their teams cobbling data is a massive waste of resource with no guarantees of uncovering trustworthy insights.


Make smarter decisions faster

It’s time to address the global data problem. Use human and data knowledge to eliminate data silos and use the full potential of your existing technology stack.


Maximize the value of your technology stack and employees’ knowledge

Unsilo the humans and the tech to uncover insights invisible in front of you today.

The growing multi million dollar data problem affecting B2B leaders


Organizations now have an average of 976 discrete applications, an increase of 133 in the last 12 months. Yet only 28% are integrated, a slight decrease from a year ago.

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The average amount of data engineers’ time that data leaders report they spend manually building and managing data pipelines.

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75% of 1300 CIOs and senior IT practitioners are struggling with data management.

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Why you'll love Serendipitus

Heads of Marketing

Serendipitus helps you achieve:

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"Maureen's model and her work with our team has enabled us to uncover insights and data paths we hadn't previously considered. Working on strategic initiatives as a cross-functional team, working to structure previously siloed data is opening our eyes to new insights that can immediately impact the direction of our business. With growth being our #1 objective, these insights are invaluable to our organization.”
Erin Ruef
Erin Ruef,
VP of Marketing, PUI Audio
insights fan
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“It takes a village to create great B2B messaging and content. As a writer I don’t just need the brief from the marketer; I need to know what the customer cares about, how they talk about work, and what makes the product or service different. I need to understand why people buy really… and why they don’t. So any insights I can get from sales, service, product development are incredibly valuable—and it’s scary how rarely they’re part of the process.”
David McGuire
David McGuire
Creative Director & Co-owner, Radix Communications

Heads of Product

Serendipitus helps you achieve:


Serendipitus helps you achieve:

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"Maureen's work with our team on GTM initiatives clearly demonstrated the value of a cross-functional team working together and enabled us to execute in shorter timeframes than we could have previously imagined."
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Gene Brown
Managing Director BCMC

eBook: Moats and Drawbridges

Every functional area (Product, Marketing, Sales, Success) of every B2B business has insights the other functional areas need. Desperately.

Yet most companies don’t have any human or tech structure in place to ensure those insights are consistently shared.

In this book, you’ll understand how we arrived at this sub-optimal state and the path forward.

“This book will open your eyes to what's possible…May we dig in now, so that in 10 years we can be talking about the finer points of optimizing this transformative practice of deliberate sharing.”
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Technology Leader, Founder, & VP Market Intelligence, Sprinklr

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